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HTC VIVE Tutorials

HTC VIVE Tutorials

Steam VR setup Tutorial #1 - Player camera setup


This tutorial aims to get you started using Unity and HTC VIVE HDM (Head Mounted Display) Using Steam VR 2.2 plugin.

Please notice that this is the first of a series of tutorials focused on enabling the use of HTC VIVE devices, each tutorial will build on top of previous ones to get you from basic concepts to more functional and complex projects.


  1. Download and install Unity 2018.2.21f1.
    More recent versions might also work, this tutorial was made using Unity 2018.2.21f1

  2. Create a Unity personal account. To use Unity you will have to create your own account as you will be prompted to login when you start running the software.

  3. Download and install Steam. Steam platform will install additional components needed to run the HTC VIVE on your computer. Click here to go to the Steam download page.

Getting started

Create a new Unity project, you might need to login first. Make sure you select a 3D template. Unity-SteamVR-Setup-4.PNG

After your new project opens, locate your mouse cursor on top of the "Hierarchy" panel and right-click to create a plane.



Now let's place the plane in the middle of the space. Select the plane and chose the Reset option inside the drop-down menu found on the right top corner of the transform component. This will reset all the transform values for the plane.


Now, let's make bigger so your player can have a bit more of space to interact. With your plane selected, look for the Transform component in the "Inspector" panel and change the scale to 10 on all three axes.


Now that we have a plane for our player to stand on, it is time to import the Steam VR Plugin from the asset store, this plugin will allow us to integrate and use both the VR Headset and the controllers. Click on the "Asset Store" tab and type "Steam VR" into the search box.