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About the Lab

Creative Coding

Develop applications and games using programming and scripting languages such as Java, C++, C#, Swift and JavaScript for platfo...


How to create 360 video for the Igloo system

Metahuman Creator

A guide to the basics of how to create Metahumans and digital copies of real people.

Photogrammetry Pages

This is a comprehensive guide that will guide you through the whole process of creating a 3D digital copy of a physical object.

Physical Computing

Build circuits, solder and learn how to use electronic components and micro-controllers including: Arduino, Particle Photon, Ra...

Programming Tips and Tricks

Mini-tutorials explaining some common programming concepts for you to add to your arsenal

Projection Mapping

Python for Beginners

Raspberry Pi

What is Raspberry Pi and How to use a pi for beginner.

Spark AR


Transporter Documents

Steps to follow: 1) Read all the information in the Content Creation Guidelines (CCG). This is a document that will provide ...


Unity AR

AR projects allow you to show content by pointing your camera onto an image or a 3D object that will act as an anchor point for...

Unreal Engine Basics

A guide to the basics of Unreal Engine, from first installation to features that can elevate your project.

Version Control