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About the Lab

AR tutorials

AR projects allow you to show content by pointing your camera onto an image or a 3D object that will act as an anchor point for...

Creative Coding

Develop applications and games using programming and scripting languages such as Java, C++, C#, Swift and JavaScript for platfo...


Metahuman Creator

A guide to the basics of how to create Metahumans and digital copies of real people.

Photogrammetry Pages

This is a comprehensive guide that will guide you through the whole process of creating a 3D digital copy of a physical object.

Physical Computing

Build circuits, solder and learn how to use electronic components and micro-controllers including: Arduino, Particle Photon, Ra...

Programming Tips and Tricks

Mini-tutorials explaining some common programming concepts for you to add to your arsenal

Projection Mapping

Use MadMapper or openFrameworks in single or multiple projector configurations to build engaging, irregular surface installations.

Python for Beginners


Unreal Engine Basics

A guide to the basics of Unreal Engine, from first installation to features that can elevate your project.

Version Control

VR tutorials - Unity

Immerse yourself in seated and room-scale VR, AR and MR with devices such as HTC VIVE and VIVE Pro, Oculus Rift, Microsoft Holo...