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Other resources

This list of resources will keep on growing as we continue to explore Touchdesigner here at LCC.

The best way to grow in your visual programming journey is to practice! If you're struggling to get started you could look into daily or weekly coding challenges such as the @creativecodeart on Instagram, where a prompt is posted every week and users are invited to submit work in response to it.  



Touchdesigner's official course: 

Elekktronaut's Intro to Touchdesigner: In general all of Elekktronaut's videos are really interesting, useful and beginner friendly. 


Main channels for resources:

The interactive & Immersive HQ is a community providing both blogs and videos to learn Touchdesigner:

A collection of Touchdesigner tutorials from all of the internet:

Tested and approved both free and paid online workshops/seminars:

 Disclaimer: There are plenty of free resources available online, it is not recommended to pay for tutorials at the beginning of your journey. 


Cheat Sheets:

Common Python operations:

Keyboard Shortcuts:


External components:

Connecting MIDI controller to Touchdesigner:

AI vision using Media Pipe in Touchdesigner:

Other repositories and useful tools might be Github, a website and drive where coding projects are stored, managed and ofter shared as open-source, and ChatGPT, a potential AI assistant, if instructed with a detailed prompt. These tools can help you move faster in your journey but it's important to be transparent about your process and to credit other developers when appropriate, you can read more about best practice to co-create with AI here: