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Powering an Arduino

How to power an Arduino

Here is some resources about powering Arduino or other electronic projects:


How to power an Arduino: More information here.

How to power a project:
More information here.

What Adpater:
More information here.

Portable / Battery powered

For portable projects some info on battery usage.

  1. How to power your Arduino with battery
  2. How to choose your battery
  3. Indepth Arduino powering guide
  4. Why 9V batteries are bad

Power Banks

Not all power banks are good for microcontrollers as they mostly have a safety feature which is auto-off when consumption is low. Microcontrollers often have a low-current consumption and the power bank will auto-off every a few minutes. However, there are some power banks that can support low-current charging mode/ always-on mode. These will be suitable for powering a microcontroller, e.g. Sandberg Powerbank 20000 PD65W 2xQC3.0. (We only tested this one, but other brands and models can do the same.)


There are many different types of motors available. Before deciding how to power your motor, you must know what voltage the motor is going to use and how much current your motor will need.

  1. Guide for powering motors with Raspberry Pi: here.
  2. Guide for Adafruit Motor Shield with Arduino: here.